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16 Feb 2014 - Finished water tank 16 Feb 2014 - Roof construction begins, using wood and steel to pour the concrete onto. 16 Feb 2014 - Bamboo sticks are used as scaffolding

About the Karunai Illam building project

This project seeks to house our girls and boys in one new larger premise as they are currently in two small buildings located in two different sites. This single complex would help better coordination of a number of activities from studies to prayers and further more positive interaction among all students and staff. 

The Karunai Illam Trust and DHAN Foundation seek to improve the education and living standards of the girls and boys at the Illam by providing them with a safe and nurturing environment where we providing them shelter, food, uniforms and access to education of a high standard.

How you can help

There are two phases in the building project. We completed phase 1 girls hostel and the girls moved into the new building in 2015. We are now planning to build the second phase - a new hostel for the boys adjacent to the girls hostel. Planning and design for the new build has just been completed. 

If you have any questions about the building project or about the donation options, please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.    

Thanks for your loyalty and support.

Michael Harris
Chair of Board of Trustees