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Community College

Our Community College; “LIFE” (Livelihood Initiatives with Functional Education) is in a room in our Illam building. The name board reads “LIFE“ which stands for (Livelihood Initiatives with Functional Education). A variety of courses are offered. Computer courses are taken up by highly motivated high school boys and girls who have poor facilities for computer practice at their schools and class dropouts who cannot settle at school but are anxious to work.

Tailoring (that is, sewing ) and the Beautician courses which teach all manner of beautifying procedures such as feet and hand decoration, make-up application, health and relaxation are also very popular with women of all ages. Many go on to start a business of their own while some find work in an established beauty parlour.

All students pay the same fees which are much less than mainstream courses in the same subjects. Scholarships are available for those who cannot even afford the low fee. At present, after only a year the College is 80% sustainable. The important feature is flexibility; we are constantly responding to the employment needs of the community and offering new courses.

"The race is on to provide people with simple ways to earn a little extra income and thus reduce poverty. This is happening all over Tamil Nadu. The arising of many Community Colleges has been referred to as a ‘silent revolution in education’ (Hindu July 22, 2009.) We are happy to be part of it."