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This is Our Home

The Illam Building was bought in 1991. After buying the house, we have improved the property - built a toilet/bathroom block and a dining hall. The kitchen was completely rebuilt. In 2010 the roof has been refurbished. The girls used to live in this building but in 2014 moved to our new premises on the land.

In 2003/4 we bought a small plot opposite the Illam on which we built a toilet/bathroom for the boys with two large dormitories and a care-giver's room on a second storey. Since then the boys have moved to a picturesque cottage on our land bought as a eight acre parcel in 1989. 

On the land is a cottage with one bedroom, a bathroom
toilet, living room and kitchen. It is too small for more than one person.

Please view a timeline of events in the history of Karunai-Illam.



New Illam Building at the Garden Land

In the first half of 2013, detailed discussions between KIT Trustees and DHAN lead to a project brief being prepared and formation of a new Building Project Committee. Our Trustee Sankar Ramasamy is the KIT representative on this committee. They commissioned an architect and prepared construction diagrams, and recently they appointed a construction company to commence building work.