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Our Model Community School 

The DHAN Karunai Illam nursery/primary school is located within Nilakottai town. Currently there are over 250 children in the school and several children enrolled under the free category (schools are required to set aside 25% of seats as fee-free for poor children). The school caters to children from lower kinder-garten to year two. Eighteen staff members including Ayahs, (teacher helpers) teachers and Mr. Raghavan run the school. A mini bus has been hired to collect several children from isolated villages.

The poor are unable to afford private schools and the quality of government schools is variable, so children from poor families don’t get a good grounding in the basics. When they come to the state exams (10th Standard and Plus 2) they are at a disadvantage and thus unable to get professional education which will help them to pull themselves and their families out of poverty. Our school provides low cost quality education in English medium. Children from families who cannot even afford our low cost fees are admitted free.

Mr Raghavan is a passionate educationist and teacher and promotes an activity based learning approach that is meaningful and fun way of learning for the young minds. Most resources for teaching are locally developed by Mr Raghavan.