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KARUNAI ILLAM: The Story of an Orphanage in India

KARUNAI ILLAM: The Story of an Orphanage in India"How did that happen?"

Jean Watson was asked that question so often that she wrote a whole book, just so she'd never have to answer it again!  Also, after answering that question many times, Jean noticed that each time, the answer she gave would be a little different.

Not a fabrication or exaggeration. But, each time she told the story she'd start it at a different place, different events would be left out, different events given more importance, and so on. Jean wrote the book so she could provide a static factual account.

So there you are! If you want to know 'how it started', read the book.

  • It was published in 1992 first and the revised edition was published in 2001.
  • It is in most New Zealand libraries as are her six other books.
  • ISBN: 0-908896-55-7