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A Cookbook for Good
Karunai Illam Trust
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A Cookbook for Good

The Karunai Illam Trust is proud to announce the upcoming release of "Suvai," a cookbook celebrating the flavours and traditions of the Karunai Illam kitchen. This special cookbook is part of a series of events commemorating the 10-year anniversary of the passing of Jean Watson, the founder of Karunai Illam.

Over the years, the Karunai Illam has grown to reach the fruition of Jean’s dream- a productive piece of land where vegetables, fruit and flowers grow- on four acres of rural land, which Jean purchased in 1989 after selling her Wellington home in Aro valley. Now, the Illam provides a home away from home for about 50 young girls and boys. They reside at the Illam during the term time and are fully supported with their schooling, residential and extracurricular activity costs met by the Karunai Illam Trust, which was set up to support Jean’s work.

"Suvai," meaning "taste" in Tamil, is a collection of recipes that have nourished and delighted the children of Karunai Illam for decades. These recipes, passed down through generations and adapted to local ingredients, represent the heart and soul of the Illam kitchen.

"This cookbook is a tribute to Jean Watson's legacy and the vibrant culinary heritage of Karunai Illam," explains Sankar Ramasamy, the Trust’s Chair. "We hope that through 'Suvai,' people will discover the rich flavours of South Indian cuisine and the stories behind the dishes that have become beloved staples at the Illam."

In partnership with the DHAN (Development for Humane Action) Foundation, the Illam is a sustainable operation with local support and management, but funding is needed to ensure its longevity. Completely run by volunteers, the Trust raises funds for the Ilam through fundraising and generous donors. The sale of the cookbook is one of the biggest fundraising projects organised for the year.

“The money we raise through donations and fundraising goes to the Illam for the children. We are proud of what has been achieved at the Illam over the past 40 years and recognise we have to look forward to ensure that Jean’s legacy lives on,” explains Sankar.

The cookbook will be on sale from 25 June. To order your copy, click the button and complete the fields in the email!

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