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Celebrating 25 years of Karunai Illam - Nilakottai, 25 September 2012

The lighting of wicks in oil in the shiny brass Kuthuvilaku (lamp) and a prayer by the children started our Silver Jubilee celebration in-house gathering under a thatch on the land. Also present were old students, DHAN workers and the local community leaders. Two of the senior girls were confident mistresses of ceremony. There was a short speech by Mr. Khader and Jean, dance  

by the girls and boys and then at 11.30 the assembled people were divided into groups to share on the general theme; ‘A Way Forward for the Illam.’ The groups made a vow that in another 25 years time there will be no poverty in Nilakottai and surrounding district.

After a tasty lunch sponsored and prepared by two of our old children, the second part was a public celebration held in a nearby hall where we displayed art works by the children. Representatives from the major religions were present - two Swamis from the Ramakrisha Mission, a Christian Priest and a Muslim leader. The event was simple; speeches by various people, the presentation of gifts of shawls to people who have helped us, and items presented by Illam children and children from the school. It was a splendid occasion and according to Jean “I was moved by the appreciation our Karunai Illam Trust as a partner of Dhan receives from the Nilakottai Community”. 

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