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October 2014 notes from Jean
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October 2014 notes from Jean

Notes from Jean since arriving at Nilakottai in late September 

9 October 2014 

On the 24th September, the film crew; Gerard and Jan and I arrived in Nilakottai to show the film to the children. A screening in our school across the road was arranged for the next day: the 25th which happens to be our Anniversary Day. It went very well indeed, the Illam people were so excited. Present were more or less just the children and Illam staff, our x children, the local doctor, the president of the residents association, and one or two parents. Gerard said that it was the best audience he’d so far had!

He had been a bit concerned that any people left out might have been disappointed, not so, every child got shown even if briefly and all were delighted and had a good laugh at themselves in the appropriate places. It was a lovely occasion, the speeches were few and short and tea was handed round.

Now, here I am, delighted to be in Nilakottai after year’s absence. I have seen the latest in the progress of our new building: the installing of the Dewatts waste management system.  Waste water is processed through a series of tanks and becomes irrigation water for our gardens.

Although over the months, the other Trustees and I have been kept well informed on the building progress by email, phone calls and photos – but nothing matches seeing the actual building itself. It is spacious and elegant, plenty of windows and a wide entrance.  Our team leader Gomathi Murugan expects it to be ready for the girls to move into before I leave on the 20th of December.  I think he is optimistic, for much remains to be done.  But all well worth waiting for.

New Illam Building Project

7 August 2014.           Exciting news!    The first phase of building a new Illam building for both boys and girls nears completion.  The building of the girls hostel and common facilities area suchas for kitchen and dining has now been completed!  All that remains before the girls can move in is to fit them out and complete vital services and fencing. 

Check out our Building Project page for more information and to see how you can help.

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